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Beat Anxiety with these foods

Try to eat 5 different color servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Orange-Sweet potatoe-carrots Yellow- Bananas- Peppers- tomatoes -pineappledark Green- So many to choose from - broccoli- spinach-kale are your best bets-Light green- AVOCADO- peas- celery-pears-apples

SPRING into Health

SPRING is finally here. The weather is warm and it is the perfect time to get out of the office.

Chiropractic Care and Autism?

So much research and dedication to autism and still there is no real clear picture. The symptoms are clearly defined, but the causes are not. How can chiropractic care help your child with autism. Chiropractic care treats the autonomic nervous system removing dangerous pressure off the spinal nerves.


Check out this article about fast food chicken - Not the healthier option.I give my kids the Blue & Evan's gluten free tenders or nuggets and put them in a wrap for lunch with lettuce and carrots.

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