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Ten Ways to Get Rid of Pain without addictive PAINKILLERS

1. JUST MOVING- getting up and moving around immediately will help heal the body and the pain. I am not saying to do a full boody workout but start slowly with gentle swimming, walking, stretching. Find a gentle excercise that will help you get moving. If you have an injury stretching gently and moving the rest of your body could be helpful.

2. Accupuncture- this will help open your sensory organs and energy pathways to start the healing process and reduce pain in the area needed.

3. Medical massages - a massage that is light or a deep tissue one to help stretch and penetrate the muscle can give pain relief.

4. My favorite -MEDITATION- take times through out the day to deep breather and focus on your inner self.

5. Adjustemts- finding sublixations within your spine and finding a chirporactor to find where the pain is coming from. Through adjustments will help reduce pain and prevent future sublixations and trauma to your back, feet, hip or knees.

6.Topicals -arnicare, tiger balm, and even traumeel are great topicals that naturally help with pain relief

7. HYDRATION : staying hydrated with the right amount of water is helpful and absolutely needed. If you are not peeing clear, you need to drink more water and stop drinking diet drinks to mask the taste. Just squeeze a lemon or fruit of your choice.

8. SLEEP- keeping your injury elevated and sleeping allows your body to heal. SHut the TV off and hit the hay.

9. 10. QUIT SMOKING and DRINKING- toxic -your body is in chronic toxic release mode. Let your body fully heal by avoiding the toxins that we put in our body that may be addictive.

TOUGH BUT think about what you are putting in your body everyday because there are so many things in environment we can't see that secretly get in that cause pain.