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Massage Therapy

When seeking treatment for various physical ailments, many patients overlook the role that massage therapy can play in chiropractic care and medical pain management . At 34th Street Chiropractic and Wellness in the Midtown Manhattan area of New York, New York, Dr. Matthew Shave is pleased to offer this service as one of many interventions to restore and promote health and wellness.

Massage Therapy Q & A

How does massage therapy differ from massage treatments offered by spas?

Massage is an ancient form of holistic treatment that has been used by cultures across the globe to increase well-being and promote good health. In American culture, massage is most often viewed as a source of relaxation and it’s offered at spas and salons across the nation. Swedish massage is among the most common types of techniques used in a spa setting and offers a range of benefits associated with relaxation and the reduction of stress. When it comes to addressing pain or malfunction within the body, however, massage therapy is a better approach. Therapeutic massage consists of a more targeted approach, with an intentional direction of varying degrees of pressure at different points on the body. In addition, massage therapy that is obtained within the scope of chiropractic practice is focused on assisting and supporting other chiropractic interventions.

How does massage increase the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment?

When conducted properly, massage therapy has a positive impact on the body’s nervous system. Massage can help patients relax and it can reduce stiffness and tension held within the body. In many cases, chiropractors prefer to have patients undergo a period of massage therapy prior to beginning adjustments or other chiropractic techniques in order to take advantage of increased pliability and relaxed muscle tissue.

Is massage therapy a short-term solution?

Some patients will turn to massage therapy as part of chiropractic care for an injury. Doing so can improve the effectiveness of various chiropractic approaches and patients often view massage therapy as a short-term treatment option. In many cases, patients who undergo a program of massage therapy become far more attuned to the signals that their body is sending them. During massage sessions, it is possible to direct one’s attention to a specific region of the body and to “listen” to the signs and signals that the body is sending in response to different massage techniques. This benefit extends beyond the massage sessions, helping patients recognize when their body is out of alignment and becoming a long-term health maintenance tool.