SPRING into Health

SPRING is finally here.  The weather is warm and it is the perfect time to get out of the office. Use your lunch break to grab a quick bite to eat but also get adjusted.  It is important to not only pay attention to what you put in your body but also how you take care of the body you have been blessed with.  Nutrition is key to how you feel but are you doing everything you need to do to reduce stressors in your life.  Are you paying attention to your nerves and muscles and what they are telling you.  You have misalignments that you may be ignoring just like the dust under your bed.  We all spring clean but you also need to do the same with your body and your health.

We are also doing a new promotion in the office.  Please leave your business card in our bowl so you can be chosen to win a massage day at your office or workplace.  We are fully insured and it could bring awareness to your office to take care of your body and health. 

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Dr Shave

Dr. Shave Chiropractor to the many amazing patients I help each and every day. Thank you for letting me help you.

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