Headaches: What Causes Them and How to Address Them

There is not one single cause of headaches. Headaches can come from multiple sources so its important to determine the specific cause of your headaches.

1. Cervicogenic Headaches

Did you know you headaches may actually be coming from your neck? If the neck is out of alignment, it can cause increased pressure on the base of the skull which leads to headaches. Chiropractic adjustments restore normal alignment and can decrease the frequency of headaches or get rid of them all together.

2. Tension Headaches

Tension headaches can make it feel as though there is a band being squeezed around your entire head. This type of headache can also be addressed through chiropractic adjustments and increased water intake.

3. Migraines are the most severe types of headaches and can make it feel as though there is a thunderstorm going through your head. People may also experience sensitivity to light and sound. Many patients describe these headaches as a 10/10.

Chiropractic adjustments address all these types of headaches and can restore your body to it's natural alignment which will have you feeling energized and full of life.

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