Back and Neck Pain while Working from Home

Spinal Health while Working from Home

In the days before the pandemic, many people were commuting to the office and sitting at desks while looking at a computer screen for long periods of time. Proper workplace ergonomics are very important for spinal health. And while excessive sitting can be detrimental to health, the physical work set up at a traditional office may be better for spinal health than the living room couch or the kitchen table.

Proper workplace ergonomics require that you have a chair with good lumbar support and the computer screen at eye level with the arms and legs at 90 degree angles. While working from home can boost productivity for some, it could also be putting excess stress on your spine. Working from the couch or the bed causes your body to be in awkward positions which may contribute to back and neck pain. 

Taking proper care of your spine is essential for good health so it is important to have your spine checked regularly by a licensed chiropractor.

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