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What to Expect During Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provides high amounts of oxygen under pressure to your entire body in order to promote healing.

When you come into our office for your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy the first thing you will do is review and sign our forms with a detailed description of the procedure and what to expect.

Come dressed in cotton clothes with no zippers or belts. We will also have you remove any jewelery you may have on. Every patient will be provided with their own personal oxygen mask in order to receive the maximum oxygenation possible.

You will then step into the oxygen chamber and lay on your back with your oxygen mask on. After being zipped into the chamber, the technician will turn the machine on which will cause the chamber to fill with oxygen.

As the chamber starts to fill you will experience sensations similar to flying in an airplane or taking a deep dive. You will feel pressure in your ears similar to the feeling during takeoff and landing. You can easily clear this pressure my chewing on something such as gum or hard candy or by simply yawning.

Once you have reached your target pressure this is where you will stay for the duration of the treatment. The average time you are under pressure is about 45 minutes. During this time feel free to use your phone or listen to music.

The technician will be closely monitioring and checking in on you. There is a clear viewing glass in the chamber that allows you to see and communicate with the technician. After you have completed your session, the technician will depressurize the chamber and open it so you can step out.

The entire process is extremely relaxing and makes you step out feeling refreshed and rejuventated by providing high amouts of oxygen throughout your entire body.

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