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Make the Switch to a Sit-to-Stand Desk for Less Back Pain

It’s no secret that sitting all day can be harmful to your health. In fact, the term “sitting is the new smoking” describes how detrimental a sedentary lifestyle can be. Excessive sitting can lead to low back pain and other problems in the spine. Workers who have desk jobs are affected more than people who are active and mobile at work.

This is where sit-to-stand desks come in. These types of desks offer flexibility and a diversity of positions for your comfort. Alternating positions every so often reduces strain on the spine and especially the low back. To make the transition easier, there are a few things to keep in mind when switching to a sit-to-stand desk:

  1. Ease In

Start slowly, and then progressively increase the time you stand. Standing workstations stress different parts of your body that may or may not be ready for 8 hours of activity.

  1. Take Scheduled Breaks

No one position is good for your body to be in for an extended amount of time. Take a break about every 20 minutes and get your blood circulating. A 15-second walk down the hallway is enough to keep your joints lubricated.

  1. Alternate Positions

Select an office chair with an adjustable height. Switch between a sitting and standing position every 30 minutes.

Remember: Don’t stay in one position for too long, switch it up!

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