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7 Ways You Can Reduce Inflammation and Pain by Just Eating!

Chronic inflammation has been the center of so many health issues like obesity, cancer, and joint pain. You have tried pain-relievers and take care of your spine, but have you looked more carefully into the food you select to put inside your body? Of course there are the foods and drinks you should avoid but there are some foods that have proven to reduce inflammation in your body

Check this out:

OMEGA 3 Fat: Yes you probably already know fish like Salmon contain essential fatty acids that help not only your brain health but reduce inflammation and pain. If you do not like FISH- try to take an Omega 3 supplement daily.

Dark greens: Kale and spinach and even collard greens give you pwerful antioxidants. Replace the boring old lettuce in your salad, on your sandwiches, or even sneak them into your tacos to get the flavoniods, cartenoids, and vitamin C into your body. (Juicing goes a long way too)

Blueberries: Throw some in a baggie in the morning and just pick at them when you want to snack. Throw some granola with nuts and seeds in there for a crunch.

Matcha Tea: Very potent green tea powder from Japan. https://www.amazon.com/Matcha-Green-Tea-Powder-Antioxidant/dp/B00DDT116M -This has 17 times more antioxidants than blueberries. But this in your thermos with lots of ice and a little honey right before work instead of your iced coffee.

Fermented Food: Yes Kefir- gives you that good flora but if you are not a yogurt lover you can get the same benefits from miso, saurkraut, olives, and pickles. I would much rather have a few pickles than a yogurt drink any day. If I had to have kefir I would sneak it into a smoothie with the blueberries and matcha powder for a healthy shake. These feremented foods get rid of those toxins, heavy metals and pesticides that can boost inflammation. YUCK!

Shitake Mushrooms: these mushrooms are magical because they have copper and ergothioneine which are hard to find in foods. Your body cannot synthesize copper so you have to eat it to have it in your body. Ergothioneine naturally helps with inflammation.

GARLIC- My favorite of course. I eat so much garlic I don't really need to think of eating any more. My wife puts garlic in all of her italian meals at home along with other healthy spices.

SOME OTHER TIPS ON EATING TO RELIEVE PAIN: Eat foods that do not need to be fried in hot oils. Stay away from SOY. Try to aviod sugary foods and limit your grains. You do not need to eat CEREAL, then SANDWICH BREAD, and THEN two cups of pasta. Try to stick to one grain meal a day.

Hopefully you think more carefully about what you put in your body so you help yourself feel better everyday!

Dr. Shave