• Sleep is an important tool to regenerate cells and sleep helps your body heal and function properly

    by Dr. Shave
    on May 4th, 2017

When we think of being healthy we automatically think of what we eat and how much we excercise.  Sleep may be the underated way to make us feel and look better.  We buy products to make our skin look less tired.  We will excercise for hours or in excess that can actually hurt the body.  If you do excercse a lot then it is even more important to let your body heal. SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP

An adult should at least get 7 hours of restful, sound sleep.  Children more depending on their age.  Sufficient rest enables our bodies to recover fom daily stresses and repair damged cells and tissues.  Getting less sleep. leads to tighter muscles, that are tired, and can be the cause of the pains and aches i our bodies.  Lack sleep interferes with brain function as well.  I know when I am tired, I cannot concentrate as well and can make decisions that I really didn't think through.  SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP

I have been going to bed arounf 9:30/10:00- A 5:30/6:00 wakeup is the perfect start to my perfect day.

I excercise earlier in the day and avoid caffeine.  The hardest thing for me is that I eat very close to bedtime. Try to get the sleep and winks you need to let your body heal.  Optimal health starts with optimal sleep.  Do you really need to watch that last hour of reality television before falling asleep.  Turn it off and get the rest.

BEST-Dr Shave

Author Dr. Shave Chiropractor to the many amazing patients I help each and every day. Thank you for letting me help you.

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