• Forward Head Posture

    by Dr. Shave
    on Jan 21st, 2020

There is a growing interest concerning the understanding of the position of our head on our neck and how it affects our health. Everyday, there is more conclusive research to substantiate what we already know about abnormal alignment of the spine, ESPECIALLY FORWARD HEAD POSTURE, which pushes the Autonomic Nervous System towards stress and "fight or flight reflex". Chiropractic adjustments push the Autonomic Nervous System towards "parasympathetic dominance" and "rest and digest" which improves healing, digestion, sleep, decreases blood pressure, alleviates anxiety, increases immune function, and so much more. 

A recent study conducted by the American Medical Association concluded that participants with Forward Head Posture exhibited abnormal sensorimotor control and autonomic nervous system dysfunction compared to those with normal head alignment. 

Being in practice for over 15 years, I have encountered this problem on a daily basis. There is no doubt forward head posture, more recently referred to as TEXT NECK SYNDROME, is a growing and dangerous epidemic in our country. The bottem line is when the head is brought forward and the neck bends, the weight on the neck increases. This has led to a wide variety of pain and symptoms that are not only presented in my office, but to orthopedists and neurologists thoughout NYC. 

We have mastered several techniques and therapies designed to correct this situation and stop the damage and wear and tear this creates over time. If you, a loved one, or co-worker are experiencing this and would like to learn more about it, please schedule a consultation in our office by calling 212-502-1803 or schedule directly online at our website healthcarechiropractic.com.

Author Dr. Shave Chiropractor to the many amazing patients I help each and every day. Thank you for letting me help you.

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