• Are you using the right pillow? Most expensive does not mean it is the best pillow?

    by Dr. Shave
    on Jun 12th, 2017

I took a recent semina classr on neck support and pillows.  Many of my patients explain that they are getting a restful night sleep and they cannot get comfortable. 

Well first of all, what kind of sleeper are you?

Side sleeper, back sleeper, or belly sleeper.

If you sleep on your belly this is worst type of sleep for your neck.  Your neck is twisted in a stationary position and it can cause neck pain.

There is a medi pillow which is roughly 35 dollars.  YOu can get it on amazon and it you can adjust the amount of support you need based on your head and neck size.  


THere was a big rave for memory foam pillows but you have to be careful because they are quit firm and many of them raise your neck to high.  They are more geared for back sleepers as well and not side sleepers.

Side sleepers......they have these memory foam blends.  The customsleepings cervical orthopedic pillow for 50 dollars is a great buy.  YOu can take out some of the blend if you feel your neck is propped up to high and it is cool and soft and you can manipluate it quite a bit.

SO my advice in few words is stick to water pillow or a shredded memory foam blend material.  THis is most sleepers.  If you are a belly sleeper, try side sleeping.  Stay away from hard memory foam pillows and get lots of rest!

Dr. Shave

Author Dr. Shave Chiropractor to the many amazing patients I help each and every day. Thank you for letting me help you.

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